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Kay, Hannah (b. 1816, d. 30 DEC 1884)

Note: 1841 census Bolton Street OD (HO107/503/9/6)

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Edmonson, Margaret (b. 1828, d. 6 OCT 1903)
Note: Marriage Fylde 8e 1012
Source: (Name)
Title: Tony Foster --- Personal Research

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Duxbury, Andrew (b. 21 SEP 1838, d. 22 SEP 1885)
Note: GRO 18384DUXBURYAndrewBlackburn2136
1901 Census living at Booth Roydon, Blackley - Mechanical Engineer
RG13 Piece 3777 Folio 102 Page 4 Schedule 23
Source: (Name)
Title: 1841 census
Media: Book
Occupation: Date: 1881
Place: Paper Manufacturer
Occupation: Date: 1871
Place: Paper Maunfacturer Partnet Employing 5 Hands

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Duxbury, Elizabeth Hannah (b. ABT 1873, d. 25 JUL 1945)
Note: Not found in the 1911 Census
Source of date of death not known

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Duxbury, Andrew Yates (b. ABT 1874, d. ?)
Occupation: Date: 1901
Place: Mechanical Engineer

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Duxbury, Kay (b. ABT 1879, d. 20 JUL 1919)
Occupation: Date: 1901
Place: Electrician

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Duxbury, Betty (b. 14 FEB 1841, d. DEC 1879)
Note: 1841 census Bolton Street OD (HO107/503/9/6)

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Duxbury, Alexander (b. 19 DEC 1843, d. 30 APR 1914)
Occupation: Date: 1871
Place: Paper Manufacturer Partner Employing 5 Hands

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Duxbury, Alexander Rushworth (b. 21 AUG 1895, d. 9 MAR 1902)
Note: Does not appear in Butcher & Barlow letter of 6/9/26

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Duxbury, Frank (b. ABT 1900, d. ?)
Note: In Canada in 1926

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Duxbury, Harold (b. ABT 1903, d. ?)
Note: In South Africa in 1926

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Duxbury, Roger Duxbury (b. 23 AUG 1846, d. 16 DEC 1911)
Note: 1891 Census: Bury St Thomas's Vicerage Rochdale Rd (RG12/3137/29)

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Duxbury, Gordon Hinshelwood (b. ABT 1909, d. 14 NOV 1943)
Note: Bury Times
Saturday 19th February 1945

Major Gordon H Duxbury
Brother Officer Says He Was Killed In Action

Reported missing during operations in the Mediterranean war zone in December Gordon H Duxbury of the Orchard, Manchester Road, Bury, is now unofficially stated to have been killed in action. The news has reached his parents Mr and Mrs Percival Duxbury in a letter from a brother officer now a prisoner of war. He says that "Major Duxbury showed exceptional bravery and was buried with full military honours". The news comes from such a reliable source that it leaves very little hope, it may be some considerable time before official news is received.

Bury Times
29th December 1987

War Hero Discovered

Some 44 years after the event, the World War II bravery of a Bury man has finally been revealed.

Maj Gordon Duxbury, of the Yates Duxbury family of paper manufacturers, single-handedly obliterated two German machine gun positions with hand-grenades before being killed by enemy gunfire in the little-known 1943 battle for the small Greek island of Leros.

This has been revealed by a former member of The King's Own Royal Regiment who claims to have met Mr Duxbury prior to the battle.

In a letter to the Bury Times, Mr Albert Eastwood, a one-time resident of Rochdale, now living in the United States, said he first became acquainted with Maj Duxbury when the latter was stationed with the Lancashire Fusiliers in Egypt.

The two men did not meet again until they were both assigned to The King's Own Royal Regiment, which eventually left Egypt from the port of Alexandria and headed to the destination of Leros, in the Dodecanese chain of the island just off the south-west coast of Turkey.

During the voyage to the island on a destroyer Maj Duxbury told Mr Eastwood of his strong distaste for the Germans, based on his previous experiences of war while serving in France.

To emphasise his point the Bury soldier reportedly said: "Eastwood, the Bosche will never take me prisoner."

In his letter, Mr Eastwood frankly admits that he thought little of Maj Duxbury's comment at the time.

But when the battle was over and Mr Eastwood learned of the Bury's soldier's courageous exploits he had to say about the major: "I fully realised he had created his own crucifixion and was on a one-way ticket."

Now 75 years old Mr Eastwood said he was told of Maj Duxbury's heroics while interned as a prisoner of war, but he says he cannot remember the name of the man who conveyed the story.

He does recall that the man was a corporal and remarked that "the sincerity in his voice left no doubt it was true."

Summing up the story, Mr Eastwood wrote of Maj Duxbury: "He must have known it (the battle for Leros) was a hopeless situation ... and that was how he had decided to go out."

The transplanted Rochdalian said he got the inspiration to write the letter and tell all about the Bury soldier from an article that appeared in a recent edition of the regimental magazine, The Lion & Dragon.

That article, written by Mr Raymond Williams, of Newby Bridge, Cumbria announced that a second reunion of veterans from the battle of Leros will be held on the island next September.

It was Mr Williams who arranged the soldiers' first reunion in June 1986, several months after he had published a book titled "The Long Road from Leros", about the battle and its dire consequences - both for those who died in combat and those like Mr Eastwood and Mr Williams, who were taken prisoners by the Germans.

Forgotten by nearly everyone expect the men who fought in it, the battle for Leros was a losing proposition for British soldiers, who were swept from the island by a brutal German offensive.

One man who has certainly not forgotten Leros - or the bravery of the Bury man - is Mr Eastwood, who plans to visit the island next September to attend the reunion in remembrance ceremonies honouring those who died there.

With Maj Duxbury firmly in mind, Mr Eastwood said he will visit Leros "if only to leave a thought for a very brave man a gentleman."

The following information was obtained from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:

Major Gordon Hinshelwood Duxbury, 76561, serving with The Lancashire Fusiliers, attached to The King's Own royal Regiment (Lancaster), died between the 13th and 16th November 1943, aged 34, and is buried in Plot 4 Row A, Grave 5 in Leros War Cemetery, Greece. He was the son of Percival and Florence Annie Duxbury of Headington, Oxfordshire.

Leros War Cemetery is on the eastern side of the Island of Leros, on the shore of Aghia Marina Bay and is separated from the sea by the Cost road. It is situated about 2 kilometres west of the town of Leros.

The following information was obtained from The King's Own Royal Regiment Museum, Lancaster:

Major Gordon Hinshelwood Duxbury (Army No 76561) joined the 1st Battalion of The King's Own royal Regiment just before they arrived in Cyprus. He was killed in action on the Island of Leros on 14th November 1943. From the Regimental list of officers: "An Officer of the Battalion states "Major Duxbury had gone forward alone and personally grenaded two enemy machine gun posts, but was mortally wounded when going onto deal with a third post."

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Ashworth, Alice (Essie) (b. 24 NOV 1877, d. 23 MAY 1958)
Source: (Name)
Title: Ronald Taylor -- Personal Research

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Duxbury, Geoffrey (b. 5 JUL 1904, d. 29 NOV 1961)
Cause: Muscular Sclerosis

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Fenwick, Ada (b. 25 DEC 1903, d. 1975)
Cause: Cancer

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Duxbury, Elisabeth (Betty) (b. 17 MAR 1912, d. 5 FEB 2005)
Source: (Birth)
Title: Peter Duxbury ---- Personal Knowledge

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Duxbury, Percy Ashworth (b. 10 OCT 1915, d. 17 JAN 1976)
Note: At time of death married with 2 sons and 1 daughter
Education: Date: BET 1933 AND 1936
Place: Manchester University Institute of Tecnology
Cause: Coronary Heart Attack
Cremation: Date: 1976
Place: Lancaster Crematorium

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Greenhalgh, Winifred (b. 20 JUL 1913, d. 25 JUN 1976)
Cause: Pulmonary Embolism

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Duxbury, William (b. 1739, d. ?)
Source: (Name)
Title: Tony Foster --- Personal Research

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